Feeling The Way

Album: KKX (2014)

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Song: Behind The Scars

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Former and leader of Feeling The Way, Paul Leont'ev is russian multi-instrument musician.
He started as a singer when he was 15, than as a bassman and a composer in his first band ("Atrium of Fire" formed in 2005), Paul wrote more 200 music theme's and melody's, also almost all lyric's of a band, they finished a album in a 2011, but the band collapsed(record gone to the social net, but never realesed)
In the same year Paul quit the education in universicity before the graduation (case of it's corruption and inadequacy ), all he wanted is to make music and play shows.
He left his parents house and took a job of a cleaner in diy underground rock club, Paul also lived there. He played in a lot of bands( than he met Artem "Capitan", drums) and practice his skills as a composer and a guitar player, and soon became a sound engineer of the club.For 2 years he worked over 15 shows a month, on his salary he buyed guitars and an equipment for a home studio.
In 2013 founded a "Nobodies Perfect" music project, 2 manband Paul L. - guitar/vocal
Vladimir T. - vocal/play back
Nobodies Perfect played 40 shows for a year and a half, record a few demos, make some videos and started touring.
They tryed some session musician's for touring, two of the was Sinij(bass) and Artem(drumms).
In summer 2014 Paul was the organizer of Metal Music Festival (Saratov Metal Autumn Conference), Nobodies Perfect played there they last show, the band can't go on like Nobodies without former Vladimir T. so they changed name to Feeling The Way and started to make the new music material

For 3 month they played over 20 shows, wrote 5 new songs and made selfmade EP "KKX".

Now Feeling the Way consists

Paul "Papasha" Leont'ev - Vocal/Guitar
Serj "Matty" Rivers - guitar
Evgenij "Sinij" Sinjagin - bass
Artem "Captain" Suricov - drumms